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Community Guidelines
We encourage you to post photos and links to your auctions, whether they are listed at ebay, etsy, your own website, or anywhere else.

Please be courteous and refrain from doing the following:

  • posting very large images/photos (by large we mean image size as well as file size)
  • posting a long list of photos and information - please limit photos to 2 or 3 and/or use the lj-cut tag
  • posting the same message and/or photos more than once. For example, do not post a photo and message about a new auction and then post the same info and photo again when the auction is about to end. A reminder that your auction is ending is fine, along with a link to the auction and/or link back to your original post containing the photos.

    These guidelines may be changed as the need arises. We don't want to be snarky with rules; just remember to be courteous and enjoy each other's art. We're all for pimping your work here, but let's try to avoid overkill, mmmkay?

    Have fun! :)

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